My Epic Dinner Failure!

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I’m sitting at the the dining room table after dinner. Everyone has left the table but me.

The boys are playing in the garden- heaven only knows where they have their energy from- because it definitely was not from their dinner.

I had this amazing  idea…- me!- the dietician- the healthy wholesome mother as well!- I’m going to write a cookbook for mom’s- with healthy wholesome recipes that kids love!  With hints and tips on what to give kids, how to make food  that even picky eaters will eat, how to get kids to stay at the table and use manners,  how to get them to eat their vegetables,  how to turn the dinner table into a fun place for the family and so many other wonderful ideas that were going to change the world!

Well… life is not as smooth as you imagine it…
My first recipe that I dreamt up for my awesome cookbook- hamburgers and chips- homemade whole wheat hamburger rolls,  ground beef made into hamburgers, cut up potatoes in the oven with vegetables cut up either in the burgers or on the side of the plates (that doesn’t matter- as long as they eat their wonderful  veggies)- the image in my head- mini burgers- kids sitting salivating over dinner,  no leftovers and the first recipe ready for my book.
As I have already mentioned- maybe it’s just not about smooth sailing…
This morning- I was up early at 6am- this was the day to begin!
I decided to get a head start and made the dough for the rolls- so organised! The dough went in the fridge so it would be ready in the afternoon….
The meat was taken out of the freezer to give it time to thaw… and I went on my merry way to my conference on eating disorders (yes-   turns out that family therapy is a great treatment for eating disorders… surprise surprise) out of town.
After a long day- I come home- super motivated- this is going to be the perfect dinner- and maybe I’ll even include a chapter on the prevention of eating disorders in my book!
I take out the dough from the fridge- its hard- probably shouldn’t have put it in the fridge- never mind- it’ll thaw in the sun.
Now for the hamburgers- I add the egg and breadcrumbs with love – the seasonings are going to be perfect and I season with care- some chopped onion won’t be noticed – let’s add some more flavor… roll and create perfectly round patties- not too big,  not too small- into the fridge to set for half an hour- this is going to be great!
Time to look at the dough- it seems to be ok- let’s roll into little hamburger rolls – even the kids get involved ( yes- make sure to involve kids- very important topic in book- dont forget…)
Chop up potatoes for chips – oven on. … chop up veggies- all the colors of the rainbow (so many vitamins and minerals not to mention the fibre)… and now it’s time (all about the timing making food preparation  short, easy sweet and delicious! ) to turn on the stove- fry the burgers, turn on the oven- bake the rolls and chips and get this dream on the road!
The table is set- and the food comes- freshly baked buns,  small hamburger patties, veggies,  and condiments (cause what’s a burger without ketchup and mayo) I serve everyone a fresh roll ( granted they look a bit like rocks) with a hamburger (“these are the hamburgers? ” they ask) I look around the table- triumphantly… and take a bite.
Oh no.
How. are. they. going. to. eat. this???!!!
This is terrible!
And I see it on their faces too.
My heart sinks.
Hubby is sitting across from me- suddenly he makes a grab for the ketchup and the mayo and the cabbage salad and piles it on his burger- “come on boys- there’s nothing ketchup can’t fix! ”
They look at him.
I look at him.
And there he is- still piling the cabbage salad on his burger!
“It tastes delicious as well with this salad on top” (cabbage and mayo- you can’t go wrong…).
I look at him- he looks at me- and we both start laughing hysterically!
What a flop of a dinner! But there is nothing that ketchup and cabbage salad can’t fix- well for us anyway…
Our boys are not big on condiments….
The burgers stayed on the plates- with one bite in each ( yes- the golden rule- you have to taste the food  but you can say- no thank you).
The oven chips come out- something they could eat (rule 3- always have something on the table that you know will be eaten…) thank G-d for the chips!
Oh- and the plate of veggies – it was polished off!
We go around the table talking about our days (that was supposed to be an important chapter as well) and when I ask if anyone wants anything else- it is all politely refused.  I have a whole tray of mini burgers that taste like…. what am I going to do with them?  (I hate wasting food) at that moment- our neighbor pops his head through the fence and tells us that his cat has had kittens! Mazaltov!  – I ask if he wants dinner for his cat…
The table gets cleaned- hubby gently mentions that next time I promise humburgers can it just be real hamburgers?
I’m still sitting at the table- the boys have finished their game of soccer (obviously-, because they have no energy left) and it’s relatively quiet- which is probably a sign to see what’s going on…

My conclusions from my flop of a dinner-
1- i didn’t loose my cool that dinner didn’t get eaten as I sometimes do or make it into an unpleasant experience
2- the meal was fun- with lots of laughing which is good for kids to see
3- they didn’t leave the table starving
4- I tried…
Which is all you can do as a mother.
So- I don’t know if my book will happen- but life is definitely happening around us and I’m still very committed to giving my kids healthy nutritious meals…
Tomorrow is another day! 

And thank G-d for that!

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