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I don’t think I’ve actually done this in the last 6 months. I’m in bed. It’s the middle of the day and I have a million things to do and I’m in bed?

I’m not feeling too terrible about it either.

My head is heavy, nose is starting to run, and my body is starting to ache- and the house needs to be tidied, washing folded, work needs to be done- but I had a choice to make- now or later? Better or worse? “You know what your body is telling you tova- read the signs and learn from your mistakes…”

Yes my body is telling me- slow down or i’m going to make you slow down.

And I can’t afford that can I?

So- time for some self-care.

Snuggle into bed for an hour and try shake the oncoming cold off.

And that’s what I do.

Because self care doesn’t mean selfish. It means looking after ourselves and nurturing ourselves and caring for ourselves so that we can be strong enough to face the world and its expectations or our expectations of where we should be in the world. (Whatever that is…)

And sometimes- it’s better to slow down then stay speeding and hit a corner and be thrown off.

So i’m not caving in or giving up or feeling bad about it.

I’m listening to the body I have and the signs it’s giving me and slowing down so I can get back up and face the rest of the day and hopefully feel better.

And it’s highly recommended 😄

Warming healing mama’s soup.


(With what was in the fridge😉)

1 leek or onion

1 tbsp olive oil

2-3 zucchini chopped up

130 gram kale (washed and chopped)

A few florets of cauliflower

1 small piece chili or some chili flakes

2 tbsps soup powder

1 tsp paprika

600 ml water

150 ml coconut milk.

Chop up leek and saute in olive oil for a few minutes.

Add zucchini, kale, cauliflower, chili, stock powder, paprika, water

Boil 20-30 minutes until cooked.

With an immersion blender- blend all ingredients until smooth

Add coconut milk and cook on low for another 2 mins.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

In the thermomix-

Blitz the leek 3 sec/speed 7

Add the oil and saute 3 min/varoma/ speed 1

Add the rest of the ingredients except the coconut milk and cook 25 min/ varoma/ speed 1

When done blend from 5-10 within a minute

Add the coconut milk and cook 2 min/100°c/ speed 1

Add salt or pepper to taste


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